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  Late? Easy ways to catch up

April 16, 2014.
Concerned you're not going to make your meeting on time? Use Google Apps on your phone to tell your team you're running late and keep up to date with any important decisions.

     Learn how now!
Follow these tips to ensure you catch up on your meeting.


Access downloads anywhere
Set up your downloads to
sync to your Google Drive and
access your file anywhere.

Smarter project sheets
Arrange your projects with
Google Sheets to save
time for you and your team.

Simplify system changes
Update your team of any system
changes using Google Docs, Calendar
and Hangouts.

Virtual training made easy
Use Google+ Hangouts to successfully
conduct a class across the globe.

Avoid Attachments
Use Insert from Drive feature in
Gmail to replace attachments.

Build a virtual team
Use Google Groups and Google+
Hangouts to jump start your virtual team.

Find facts faster
Use the Research feature in Google Docs
and Google Slides to search for information.

Unclutter your inbox
Use tabs to automatically organize
messages in your inbox.

Find files faster
You can find files fast in a few easy
steps with Google Drive.

Scheduling made simple
A simple way to schedule follow-up
meetings while you check your email.

More powerful presentations
Make sure your audience not only understands your message, but
remembers it.

Accelerate answers
Use Google Groups to set up a Q&A with canned responses for common questions.

Automate training enrollment
Use Apps Script to make sure that only
the right number of people can sign up
for your event.

Make your slides stand out
Use Google Slides to select themes, set
up great slide layouts, and arrange the
elements on your slides.

Meetings made easy
Make your team meetings and notes
easy to find using Google Groups,
Google Docs, and Google Calendar.

Tackle tasks as a team
Store, share, and organize your tasks
in real time with Google Sheets.

Create the perfect proposal
Use Google Docs to get input on your proposal from other experts on your team.

Notify your team of new tasks
Use Google Sheets to summarize task assignments and automatically alert team members when tasks are assigned to them.

Better brainstorming
Google Docs make it easy for multiple
people to contribute to one document
at the same time.

Fast track your feedback 
Request feedback by sharing a document and tagging others in comments.

Very effective virtual meetings
Improve your experience in virtual
meetings using Hangouts and
Google Drive.

Tips for a tidy inbox
Here are some tips that will help you keep your inbox empty so you can focus on the important stuff.

Take control of your conversations
Here are some tips that will help you communicate more effectively and get
out of conversation chaos.

Sort your schedule from your inbox 
Here are some tips to manage your schedule from your inbox. Create and reply to events right from Gmail to save time.

Get speedier survey results
Gauge satisfaction on a training session, activity, or some other event or effort, by sending a survey with Google Forms.

Practice your pitch on the go
View and practice your Google Slides preso from your laptop, mobile, tablet or any other device that's handy.

Make event registration easier
Planning a team event? Use Google Forms
to simplify your event registration.