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  • Schedule events
  • Add event reminders
  • Share and view calendars
  • Create a team calendar
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Cheat sheet

  • Calendar cheat sheet Need a quick reference for the Calendar basics you've learned? Download this cheat sheet.

Collaborate better

  • Set up Calendar delegation (video) Whether you're someone's assistant or you're just stepping in for your manager for a week, you might need to schedule and coordinate events on someone else's behalf.

  • Late? Easy ways to catch up That important meeting is about to begin and you’re late. You don’t want to miss any of the discussion or any important decisions. How do you catch up? With Google Apps, you can let people know you’re late and keep informed of key decisions.

Work faster

  • Create tasks in your calendar Have you tried Google Tasks in Gmail? If so, you already know how beneficial they can be in helping you organize your day. Tasks are also available in Google Calendar.

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